Photobook woes…. and a freebie

Hey all – today I’m looking for a little bit of input and help from you all…. I’m having major photobook woes… We went on a dream-like, wonderful, awesome vacation last Fall – to Hawaii and California. Perfect Bliss.

And I still have all these thousands (literally, lol) beautiful pictures sitting on my hard drive and sooooo want to put them into a book to look at them when and where I want to. But … it’s still not done yet, and I have barely started on it, because of this terrible monster called “perfectionism” rearing it’s head everytime I work on it… and I’m torn about what to do:

  • Use the photobook software from one of the printing companies and just do a picture book? The ones I’ve looked at so far don’t even offer the option to add a drop shadow to your pictures, BUT I’d have a book to look at out beautiful photos pretty fast.
  • Or do my pages in PS with drop shadows but only a bare minimum of embellishments and a uniform background – not that fast, but prettier and I’d have the layered files in case I’ll ever decide to redo it?
  • Or accept that it’s going to take me ages and ages (even using Manda’s power scrapping method) and have a perfect book in the end (whenever that may be)?

What do you do? Is there another option that’s “perfect” (there’s that word again, lol) and I haven’t considered? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and methods…

Here’s a little something for you, a journal card created with my new collection “Giraffe Kisses”– click on image to download and enjoy!

CGD-GiraffeKisses-journalGiraffe Kisses is on sale for at least 50 % off until Sunday, Feb 21st at Digital Scrapbooking Studio – if you love giraffes, this is a unique and fun kit to have (the giraffes are drawn by myself, you won’t find them anywhere else)…

CGD-GiraffeKisses-kitpv1000 CGD-GiraffeKisses-bundlepv1000Have a wonderful day and, please, don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about photobooks in the comments!! 😀

PS – There’s a great QP freebie using Giraffe Kisses on Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s blog…. 😉



Photobook woes…. and a freebie — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Carin,

    Have you seen a great (free) photobook website – Mixbook? It is very user friendly. The site has tons of themes, layout ideas, backgrounds and embellishments that you can use to create your book or upload your own. Drop shadows can be added to your photos and many other options. You can order a book online too.

    • Hi Donna,
      thank you – I didn’t know about mixbook, but had a first quick look and will definitely look at their site more in depth, looks very promising

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  3. There are thousands of free quick pages created every day that you could use. And if you can afford it, thousands more in all the scrap shops. That would be the quickest way to do your book.
    You could also request free quick pages from the Studio participants, or any other forums you traverse. The scrap booking community is always willing to help a fellow scrapper.

    • Yes, you’re right, Muriel – quickpages or quickpage albums might be an option, wonder why I hadn’t thought of that, lol. Thank you for that hint! 😀