Terms of Use

By purchasing or downloading these products you are agreeing to the following Terms of Use (they also apply to freebies!) :
The products are not becoming your property – you are obtaining a license to use them under the following conditions:
PERSONAL/S4H USE ONLY –  please give credit if you use my designs for S4H.

You MAY:
•    Use my designs to create scrapbook layouts for your personal use.
•    Alter them for your personal needs in ways like changing size or color as long as their integrity is retained.
•    Publish your layouts in online galleries, magazines and contests as long as you give proper credit to Carin Grobe Design, including the name of the product used.
•    Print them for your personal use only.
•    Make ONE copy of the files for your personal backup ONLY – include these terms with this backup.

•    Share the products or download links with anybody else, be it a person or a group (like yahoo groups etc.)
•    Resell or sublicense my products.
•    Use my products to generate any form of income.
•    Use my products to design a web page or ebay page, logo, trademark or similar.
•    Alter my designs and claim the changed ones as your own.
•    Use my designs in any way that may be considered obscene, pornographic or illegal.
•    Create Quick Pages, Desk Tops, blog backgrounds or any other item that is intended to be sold or given to the general public as a “freebie”
on a blog or any other website. You may make these items for your personal use, however, you may not share them without obtaining my permission.
Contact me if you want to use any of my items for freebies to discuss.

S4H/S4O Use

This S40 Licensing allows the purchaser the right to use this product in creating layouts for customers. The Final product must be a flattened JPG.

These downloadable items are for your own commercial or S4H use only.

You may not share, loan, sell, rent, or transfer these files to any other party by any other means.
You may modify the colors and tones in my products to suit your scrapping/creative needs. You may not take credit for the creation of them.

Please contact me at if you want to use my graphics for blog or web designs.

If you have any questions or comments about this product or license agreement, please email me at

Carin Grobe Design is not liable to any person, organization or business for any loss and/or damages incurred from the use of her products.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at .

April 2012