Freebie: School Daze Add-on 2

Hi all!

Let’s start with the sad news: I didn’t make it into round 3 of the next SAS-y Lady contest… there just weren’t enough votes for my kit. Nevertheless: A big “Thank you!” to all of you who took the time to vote!!
But although I feel sad about it I’m also rather proud to have made it into round 2… after all I’m very new to all this! 😀

Anyway, I thought I’d share another ADSD Blog Train School Daze Add-on with you: A chalk alpha and a blackboard to use it on (and 5 post-it notes, too). Here’s a look at it:

And here are your download links:

*** Sorry, links have expired, but you can find all my parts and add-ons for School Daze at MooTwoDesigns, for a VERY LOW price ***

Have fun!

2 freebie minikits …

The round 2 entries for the next SASy-Lady contest have been posted, this week we had to create a minikit with a friendship theme using this color:

I’m quite happy the way my mini turned out – here’s a look at it:

If you want to snag it, go to the Stone Accent Studio Gallery, there you’ll find the download links (*** sorry, links have expired***). And, please, while you there would you go to the forum and vote for me if you like this mini? You know that only the contestants with the most votes will continue on to round 3 – and I’d very much like to be one of them!! (which would mean another free mini made by me for you to download next week, LOL).

While making the mini, there were some papers and elements I couldn’t put into my official entry (we were limited to 8 papers and 12 elements). So I put together an add-on:

 Here are the download links for the add-on:

*** Sorry, links have expired***

I hope you have fun with these!
Don’t forget, my store is still on sale (40 % off) and there’s also a freebie for you (see this post)! 😉
A big “Thank you!” to all of you who take the time to leave a comment or vote!!
Happy Scrapping!

Store Opening Sale and a free kit for you

Woohoo – I uploaded my first kits into my store at Moo Two Designs!!! To celebrate the occasion I’m having a 40 % opening sale:

Here’s a surprise for you: you get one of my kits for free!!

Got to my store and put the “Min’s Café – Tea Party Add-On” in your shopping cart. At checkout enter the following code…

…and the kit will be free!! Have fun with it – and I’d love to see your layouts!

If you want another one of my kits free – check out yesterday’s post … I’m still looking for scrappers…

Happy Scrapping!

MIA… and a one kit CT call

I’m sorry I haven’t been back here sooner… real life, you know 😉

Anyway – I just wanted to let you know: I made it into round 2 of the next SASy-Lady contest!!!! Woohoo!!!!
A big, huge “Thank you” to all of you who voted for me!!! 😀

Something else:
Since I don’t have a CT (yet, LOL), I’m looking for some talented scrappers who would like to scrap a layout for me with one of the following kits:

Scrap (at least) one layout with the kit 
  post it (with proper credits) to the following galleries: MooTwo, DSA, DST and to your blog (if you have one). I’d also post them on here.

If you’re interested, please contact me via email min (at) with the following info:

your name
your gallery link
the name of the kit you’d like to work with

Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Happy Scrapping!!

2 Freebies…

Yup, that’s right – today you get two freebies at once!

Freebie #1:

This is my entry for week 1 of the next SASy-Lady contest. We were required to create a mini kit to a given color palette. I have to admit that these were not “my” colors at all – but I did it!
Here’s a look at my mini “November Frost”. What do you think? 

The contest entries are free for you to download at Stone Accent Studios. You can pick up mine here.
*** Sorry, download links have expired. You can find the Extended Edition of this kit here ***
While you’re there, will you take a minute to go here and vote for me if you like my kit, please? (You need to sign in to the forum to be able to vote.)
Only the contestants with the most votes will go on to the next round, and I’d love to continue so I need your help!!! 🙂
Freebie #2:
While I was working on the above mini I created more things than I was allowed to put into the challenge entry. So I put them together to an add-on:

*** Sorry, download links have expired. You can find the Extended Edition of this kit here ***
That’s it for today –  a big thank you to everybody who leaves a comment or votes for me!!!!!

Free Add-on for the School Daze kit!

Thanks for all the nice comments!!! 🙂

So I’ll be nice, too, and give you an add-on (I labeled it very optimistically “Add-on 1”, LOL).

But first I’ll have to tell you some very exciting news:

I got accepted as a designer at Moo Two Designs!!!!!! WOOT!! 

So as you can imagine, I’m pretty busy getting kits ready for my big opening on Sept 10th.Yes, I’ll have an opening sale and a goodie for you, I’ll tell you more in a couple of days!!

Nevertheless, tomorrow I’ll be back with an add-on to my “Next SAS-y Lady Contest” Mini-Kit “November Frost”. So check back tomorrow, okay?

And here’s today’s Mini – you get 5 Schoolpapers, 3 Stickers, 5 Markers and 11 Crayons:

Oooooops – almost forgot the download link, LOL, here you go:
*** Sorry, links have expired, but you can find all my parts and add-ons for School Daze at MooTwoDesigns, for a VERY LOW price ***
Happy Scrapping!!!!!

ADSDesigners Blog Train Freebie

Woohoo – it’s time for the ADSD September Blog Train!!!!!

It’s a wonderful “Back to school” collab – make sure you get all the parts and pieces!

Here’s my part:

And here are the links:
*** Sorry, links have expired, but you can find all my parts and add-ons for School Daze at MooTwoDesigns, for a VERY LOW price ***
This kit will be free to download here for the month of September. Make sure you check back often or subscribe to my blog (see top of the right sidebar), because I just *might* post a free add-on, LOL! (If you leave me a nice comment I might even post more than one, ROFL)
And here’s the complete blogroll:   <– you are here!!

Since all designers are from different time zones, please be patient, all links and blog posts will be active soon!

If there’s a problem, here’s a link to the TRAIN STATION

Check back soon, I’m competing in the next SASy-Lady contest, so I will have more FREEBIES to share with you. AND I have some very exciting news …I’ll announce it in a couple of days and guess what, there will be more free stuff for you …..

Until then: HAPPY SCRAPPING!!!!!

last part for "Delicate Shells"

Today you’ll get the last two links for this kit:

Make sure you got all six parts before I’ll take the links down to make room for another freebie. Yup, there’s another one coming up on Sept. 1st – the ADSD Blog Train.

Here’s a sneak peek of my contribution – mark your calendars or sign up for my blog’s feed:

Until then you can get a free kit by Danielle Corbitt Designs. I’ll tell you how:
Danielle Corbitt and Rachel of Steel City Scraps have teamed up and made a beautiful collab kit – Dusty Ponderosa:

If you go and buy the kit, send the receipt to Danielle and she will give you a coupon to match what you spend for the kit. So it’s like “Buy one, get one free!” But only until Aug. 31st, so better hurry before the deal is over!!
You can find the kit here.
And here are the links for parts 5 and 6 of “Delicate Shells”:
*Sorry – links have expired, but kit will be available in my new store, soon*

Please, leave me comment if you like the kit and download it – and let me know if you post a layout with it, I’d love to see it!
Happy Scrapping!

New parts for freebie kit "Delicate Shells"

Here I am,  back with more links for the kit.

As some of you are somewhat concerned about downloading files from 4shared, I decided to offer download links via Mediafire as well. I also updated the last post – parts 1 and 2 are available via Mediafire, too.

For everybody who’s new here, this is the kit I’m talking about:

Here are the download links – thanks for your comments:

*Sorry – links have expired, but kit will be available in my new store, soon*
Hope you like it and have fun with it. But…that’s still not everything, LOL – I’ll post the final two links within the next days…