We’re celebrating Groundhog Day at theStudio today – with Flash Sales and a Groundhog Day Challenge! 😀

“What is a Flash Sale?  Exactly what it sounds like, a sale that is gone in a Flash.  Of course, for something so fast, it must be good.  And they are.  Oh, they really are.  All day (6 am-to-6 pm EST), Flash Sales will pop up in our Personal Use and Commercial Use store.  Each sale will be amazingly discounted at 70-75% off or only $1.00 each.

You can follow along by refreshing each Flash Sale category: Personal Use or Commercial Use .  Or you can follow along in the forum or on our Facebook page.  Please note, these are only 60 minutes each, sale prices will not be honored after they expire.”

Do you like the little groundhog? It’s one of mine – and you can get one (or rather a bunch of them, lol) by participating in my Groundhog Day Challenge in theStudio Forum:

Before I forget – my CU store is on sale until Feb 17th – 50 % off, that’s not going to happen again, soon 😉