to celebrate the “new me” ;-), my PU store is still on sale – 40 % off until Sunday night. Oh, and if you’re a FB fan of Carin Grobe Design, go and get my new fan freebie, there’s a 15 % off coupon included in the download, that will work on top of the sale! 😀

Some of you asked me about the change of my designer name – so for all of you who do not subscribe to theStudio Newsletter, here’s the interview I gave to Toiny (theStudio’s owner):

“One of our own has changed her name!  Min, formerly Deli Scraps by Min, is now Carin Grobe Design.  I’m guessing all of you are as just as curious as I was.  No worries, I went & asked her “why” for all of us:

Hey Min!  I see that you changed not only your logo, but your Designer name.  How did this come about? Actually I didn’t like the “Deli Scraps” logo anymore, and decided to create a new one when I started selling some CU products, as well. Once I started thinking about the logo, thinking about the name followed close behind. At first it felt a little odd, but now I love how my offline (Carin Grobe) and online (Min) selves are finally coming together.

Wait.  Your name is Carin?  For years I’ve called you Min.  Years!  Can I still call you Min?  What does your family call you? I am Min, and that’s not going to change, LOL. I’ve been called Min since I joined an online Quilt Guild in 1995 – I can’t believe how long ago that was and how much has changed in the online world!  My family usually calls me Carin (or Mom, LOL), but I’ve caught myself signing an email to my mother with Min – I bet, she would have been confused, LOL. For myself, Carin and Min are the same – maybe Carin is a little more German than Min ;D

I love the clean new look of the logo, it’s very different from the old one.  More serious, not as  playful.  Does this mean your design style will change?  I love your playful kits. Do I have a design style? I do enjoy designing very different kits, depending on how I feel at that moment, and I don’t think that’s going to change 😀  While working on my “That’s Me” collection I realized how true that is: “I’m Blue” was really hard to do and I think it’s the one part I like the least – I just don’t feel blue when I’m designing…

 I so agree!  I feel happiest when I’m designing.  In my own little world. It is hard to work with less-happy themes, or even the nostalgic heritage styles. You have done kits in different styles, it is the playful ones I remember best.  What is your favorite kind of kit to design?  I love to do themed kits, starting with an idea or event and going from there. I have tried starting with a palette I like and tried to design a kit around it, but I found that to be a lot more difficult than my theme-based approach. And most of my kits do end up being fun and playful, because that’s what I usually think about and feel like. 😀

What is your favorite kit you’ve designed?  Where did you draw your inspiration from?  My favorite kit? That’s like asking “Who is your favorite kid?” – Although in my case, that would be an easy one, we only have the one daughter, LOL.  Let’s see, maybe I can narrow it down. One of my favorites would be “Dragonheart Castle” – I did spend literally hours on creating the different dragonscales and I love the mix of realistic elements and textures with the doodled characters. Another favorite of mine is “Venice Nights” – a very different kit with the rich dark colors and the opulent velvets and lace. It’s like comparing different days to each other -a bright sunny day spend outside with your family, with sticky lemonade and ice cream fingers or a romantic dinner date in a fancy restaurant, with dark red wine on a terrace beneath the stars…. I love one as much as the other (although I probably wouldn’t want to mix them, LOL).   Usually the kit I’m currently working on is my favorite – because that’s what I feel like at that moment… 😉

I know that with the new name, the new logo, also comes a “new” store.  You’ve finally added some of your commercial use products to our CU store. I know you’ve been using your own designs forever, why the change to add CU to your product line?  It started with some requests to allow CU of my styles. Also, I often change what ends up being in a kit when it goes into the store – leaving me with extra elements and overlays I created but never used. Now I just have to find more hours in my day to locate them on my HD and pack them up for the store… But my PU designs will stay my main focus.”

Here’s finally the promised closer look at the huge new collection “That’s Me” I released to celebrate the occasion – and some wonderful pages by my CTMs Pam and Rhonda:

Pst – Kim has posted another great coordinated freebie on theStudio blog – Thank you so much, Kim! 😀