It’s NOVEMBER!  November marks the end of my sabbatical.  I’m tidying up a few things in my store to open later in the month but wanted to give you a quick heads-up that the Progressive Scrap Challenge has started yesterday!  Come and join me in theStudio forum.  Here’s a peek at theStudio’s November Mega we will be using – no need to buy it to play along, I will provide you with everything you need.


Who Can Participate?  The challenge is open to everyone.  If you’re brand new to digital scrapbooking this is a great place to start, build your page slowly over the course of one week and peek left and right at what others do with the same set of supplies and instructions.  If you’re a seasoned scrapper then we want you to join us too and show us your creativitiy with your very own interpretation of the instructions.

What Is a Progressive Scrap?  A Progressive Scrap is a fun way to stretch yourself to create a page by following a specific set of instructions.  Don’t let the word “instructions” intimidate you though. Instructions, in this case are directly related to your own interrpretation and creativity. I will take you through the steps from background papers  to the finished page.

When should you show up?  November 15th is the official date but you can jump in in theStudio’s Progressive Scrap forum right now until Wednesday.
From the looks of things, it’s going to be a full house this month.  The more the merrier so come on in – NO Experience Needed.

If you want to get a feel for what we do and how things work you can take a look at the ongoing and past Progressive Scraps in theStudio’s PS gallery.  All of these scrappers started with the same set of instructions and interpreted things in their own way.  Pretty impressive huh?  There is no right or wrong in PS.  It’s truly a meeting of the mind and your own creativity.  Join Us Now and and see where your creativty takes you!