If I had to name but one taste of Summer – it would be Strawberry. I love the taste of fresh strawberries and their wonderful hues of red. There’s a big strawberry farm not too far from us and they grow a huge variety of strawberries, so we can usually get them all Summer long, sometimes until the end of September. Every year I try to remember when my favorite varieties will be ripe and on sale – and every year I keep forgetting to do it. This year I will make myself a “Strawberry Calendar” using this collection and hopefully take the guesswork out of the strawberry season for next year. 🙂 

Strawberry Mint Collection by Carin Grobe Design
Strawberry Mint Kit by Carin Grobe Design
Carin Grobe Design - Strawberry Mint Layout 2 by Denise
Carin Grobe Design - Strawberry Mint Layout 1 by Denise
Strawberry Mint Alpha by Carin Grobe Design

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