Halloween is getting closer and theStudio designers have come together to create an awesome collection of Halloween goodies – and until Oct 15th you can pick them up for 1 $ each!! That’s a scary prize, LOL.

In my contribution a little witch is brewing her potions:

halloween carin grobe witches brew

Witches Brew Kit

Come in and have a look around in the workshop of the little witch, while she is busy brewing potions with her special ingredients. To help you write down your own magic recipes the kit also contains 1 blank recipe card and separators
No animals have been hurt in the process of creating this kit!

Here’s a look at some details:

And here are my other contributions to the collection:


halloween glitter cu carin grobe witches brew

Witches Brew Glitter Styles

halloween witches brew torn papers carin grobe

Witches Brew Torn Papers


blood slime alpha halloween carin grobe

Witches Brew Alphas

Psssst – there’s a matching freebie on theStudio blog!!! Here’s a sneak peek:

witches brew addon freebie carin grobe

Witches Brew Freebie

… and another one might (hopefully, lol) be showing up on my FB page, soon… 😉

One last bit: TheStudio is giving you a wonderful chance to win the huge gorgeous collection:

“For every $1.00 you spend on our coordinated Halloween Collection, you will be entered in a drawing to WIN THE WHOLE SHEBANG! Our first winner will be announced this Saturday, October 6th and the second winner will be announced next Saturday, October 13th.”

Don’t miss this!!!